Episode 1641
Production code P694/641
ITV transmission date 6th October 1976 (Wednesday)
Stories by Leslie Duxbury
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Chris Wilkinson
Director Oliver Horsbrugh
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 4th October 1976
Next episode 11th October 1976


Ernie tries to find someone to cover for him. Annie is convincing in her case that an off-licence is not needed in Coronation Street. Stan enjoys not being able to work. Bet puts her foot in it when she lets slip that they send out for wine when it's needed. Hilda is depressed because Stan spends all day in the Rovers, Len decides to build Stan a cart for her sake. Ernie hands the shop over to Terry. Annie puts her hopes on Walter Jenkins but he launches into an attack on pubs. The magistrates grant the application and Renee gets her licence. Renee offers Annie the hand of friendship but she doesn't want it. Bet is angry when Annie blames her. She tells Annie that everyone knew she wasn't going to win, she was just fighting it out of spite. Annie offers Renee an olive branch and offers her any help she might need about selling alcohol. Hilda finds the new cart outside No.13 and guesses who made it. To their mock horror, she kisses Len, Ray and Terry but also buys them drinks as a thank you. Ernie gets an interview at the rebuilt warehouse.


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Guest castEdit



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