Handel Gartside arrives in the Street and tells Ena that Minnie isn't returning from his home in Whaley Bridge. Ray arranges to look round No.5, thinking he can buy it cheap and do it up. Deirdre refuses to live in Coronation Street. Stan buys the mac back for 10p but to his surprise Hilda refuses to have it back. Handel tells Ena he's fond of Minnie and will take care of her. Hilda plans to buy a new mac out of Christmas money but discovers Stan has taken half of it. She is furious and calls him a liar and a thief. She tells him she hates him and their rotten lives. She tells him tells him to go away from her and he does. Handel oversees Minnie's things being taken away. As a keepsake Ena takes a picture and Albert takes her Coronation mug. Ena tells Handel to take care of Minnie and sadly watches her stuff leave the Street. The Langtons view No.5. Ernie finds out the address of the woman who bought Emily's engagement ring. He tries to buy it back but she's emigrated to Australia. Emily says she's glad as she's got her eye on another ring. Hilda wonders where Stan is when he stays out all evening.


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Hilda Ogden: "Don't you ever look back on us married life, Stanley? Life? Knocked about from pillar to post. In work, out of work. Dole, dole, rotten dole. You an' yer glass-back. Her up at Inkerman Street. Everybody out there laughin' at us. 'You want a good laugh. Go an' find Stanley Ogden, oh and don't miss 'er what's with him... 'er in the red rotten mac'. Don't you understand? I'm sick o' bein' walked on. I'm sick o' bein' the mug round 'ere an' I'm sick o' you!"

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