Episode 1654
Episode 1654
Production code P694/654
ITV transmission date 22nd November 1976 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Script editor Leslie Duxbury
Writer H.V. Kershaw
Designer Geoff Bentley
Director June Wyndham Davies
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 17th November 1976
Next episode 24th November 1976


Bet is angry when Betty tells her to look out for herself as Mike has a family but Bet just wants to enjoy herself. Mavis plans to send a romantic novel she has written to a publishers. Rita tries to read it. Mike thinks Ray's estimate for the work on No.5 is steep, especially when Deirdre shows him Ray's own plans and his costings. Mike tells Len he'll get someone else to do the job. Len is furious as Ray could have lost them jobs on the factory as well. Rita takes Mavis' manuscript from her bag and starts to read it. Eddie takes Ena to see "Gone with the Wind" for her 77th birthday treat. Len offers Mike a new estimate, down 20% but Mike refuses it. Bet asks Mike to take Len's estimate as a favour and he agrees. Rita tells Deirdre about "Song of a Scarlet Summer" and how Mavis has written about them all, changing their names: 'Rosalind Lane' is Rita, 'Lionel Forrest' is Len, 'Lady Annabel Ryder' is Annie. The book is very steamy: "...she glided on to the shadowy balcony and into the waiting arms of Lionel. Her white throat gleamed in the moonlight as she raised her face to his. She tossed back her chestnut curls and unable to contain his passion Lionel bent his strong mouth to her waiting rosebud lips..."


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