Ivy tells Elsie the girls will strike if they're not paid on Thursdays. Renee pushes Terry to find work. Ernie refuses to give way to the girls and he is certain he has Mike's backing. Annie is nervous about her driving test. The factory girls strike. Mike tells Ernie he hopes for his sake that they're soon back at work. The girls don't believe Elsie when she tells them she's on their side. She convinces them that their argument is with Ernie not Mike. She offers to put their case to Mike. Terry tells Renee he doesn't fit in in the Street and he's returning to the army. Ivy wants a fight but the other girls want to return to work. Elsie tells Mike their request and he agrees. Ernie is humiliated. Annie passes her driving test. As a result of their bets on the outcome, Fred wins £20, Terry £5, Annie £10 and Betty £1. Eddie is horrified at the pay-outs he has to make. Ken advises him to find a car for Annie and pay his debts out of the commission.


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