Marie Stanton hangs mistletoe over her sewing machine and kisses Mike. Eddie tells his debtors he'll pay half-odds as any bet made on licenced premises is illegal and therefore invalid. Mike throws a party for his workers and gets the drink from Renee for which she is delighted. Bet is angry as she isn't going to the party and she knows the machinists are after Mike. Vera and Marie throw themselves at Mike at the factory party. Ivy has her eye on Tom Pickup and sends Gail out to get more men for the girls. Eddie sets his pal, Lanky Potts, up to sell Annie a Rover 2000. Terry tells Gail he fancies her - she is pleased. Len and Marie break off from the crowd and lock themselves in an office. Ernie tries to give a speech to the girls but they grab him and remove his trousers.


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