The girls continue to undress Ernie. Vera pulls his shirt off and he runs away in his string vest and underpants. Gail gets drunk and kisses Terry. He reads more into it, especially when she tells him she doesn't want him to leave the area. Annie refuses to lend glasses for the party as they got the drink from Renee. Terry asks Gail to go out with him as he'd like to settle down. She laughs at him and says she's only with him as there's no one else. He calls her a tart and slaps her face. Len is angry when Marie Stanton dumps him for Mike. Ernie's clothes can't be found so he has to wear denims. Annie test-drives the Rover 2000. Terry leaves for Lancaster, planning to join up again. Renee is upset at being on her own. Bet goes to the party fearing Vera has her claws into Mike but finds him on his own. He gives her the key to No.5 as a Christmas present.


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