More chocolates arrive for Albert. Hilda continues to feel ill. Annie threatens to sack her. Hilda tells Stan he'll have to stand in for her. Stanley Fairclough is annoyed at Len's flirting with the women. Stan intimidates the customers as he cleans the Rovers. Annie docks him £2 off Hilda's normal salary. Len tells Liz Brocklebank he'd like to hear Stanley invite him to the wedding. Annie refuses to give Hilda to rest of her wages as Stan did such a bad job. Hilda is furious to discover that Stan was only docked £2 and not £3 as he had told her. The chocolate company sends an official to The Kabin to investigate Albert's complaints. Rita is furious. Stanley tells Len he doesn't want him at the wedding. Ray is told that Deirdre has been taken into hospital.


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