Deirdre's contractions stop. She grows impatient in hospital. Teenager Suzie Birchall looks for work in the area. Ray worries that the pregnancy might not be right. Suzie tackles Mike for a job at the factory. The doctor tells Ray not to worry, even though they can't hear the baby's heart beat. Ernie tells Suzie they can't employ her - she has no experience. Ray tries hard not to show his concern to Deirdre. Mike takes Suzie on at Sylvia's Separates. Gail returns from her lunch to find Suzie serving. She is furious when Suzie tells her Mike's put her in charge. Staff Nurse Maloney tells Ray she's heard the baby's heartbeat.


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  • First appearance of Suzie Birchall.
  • The actor and comedian Kenneth Williams noted in his diary on this date, "The television was diabolical. Only good thing was 'Coronation Street' and there was quite a moment when Ray Langton (thinking his wife asleep) confided to another woman in the hospital ward: 'I love her.' It was utterly direct, honest and moving: a lesson to all pretentious actors."
  • TV Times synopsis: Deirdre and Ray are waiting in hospital for their baby…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,950,000 homes (4th place). This was the most-watched episode since Episode 613 on 26th October 1966.
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