Ray puts people off visiting Deirdre in the hospital. Betty suspects him of having a woman. Alec Baker invites Gail to the dance. She plays hard to get so he takes Suzie. Ray tries to get Deirdre to go to the dance but she refuses. She persuades Ray to go on his own. Emily dresses up for the dance. She is hurt when Ernie isn't complimentary about the outfit. She refuses to go so Ernie goes on his own. Marie spikes Thelma James' drinks and makes a play for Ken. Eddie takes Gail to the dance. Once there she dumps him. Vera tells Bet that Marie is going after Mike. Ernie dances with Thelma and agrees to walk her home. Deirdre goes into labour whilst on her own. Bet finds Marie dancing with Mike and fights her off. Ray returns home to find an ambulance driving away.


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Vera Duckworth (about Bet Lynch): "Honestly! I've seen gongs in boarding houses less brass-faced than that one."

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