Deirdre names the baby 'Lynette'. Blanche rows with Ray for going to the dance. Eddie gives Mavis her money back. Deirdre becomes curious about her ward mate, Sally Norton. Eddie puts the watches down the grate. Ernie is forced to tell Emily that he walked Thelma James home. Deirdre tells Blanche she made Ray go to the dance and gets her to apologise to him. Ray is determined to call the baby "Tracy". Hilda overhears Bet saying the watches weren't stolen. She tells Stan to get the watches from the grate so they can sell them. Ernie convinces Emily there is nothing between him and Thelma. Unmarried Sally doesn't know what to do with her baby son. Eddie discovers Bet was having him on about the police. Monkey Gibbons swears the watches weren't stolen. Stan gropes down the wrong drain for the watches. Eddie watches in horror as the Council clean the drains.


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