It is Hilda's birthday. Blanche refuses to change the baby's nappy until Ray agrees to do his share. Alf agrees to vote in favour of Stan's house number change. Eddie taunts Ray about being a 'soft' father. Ray buys a football ticket off him. Stan changes the number to 12a but when showing the renumbered door to Hilda they get locked out. Deirdre stops Ray going to the football with Eddie when Eddie wakes the baby up. Hilda's roast lamb burns so she makes Stan smash a window to get the spare key and a policeman helps them get in but her birthday dinner of lamb is ruined. Alf tells Stan he can't change his number as he didn't apply for permission; he'll have to change it back. Blanche tells the Langtons that she's invited her boyfriend up, and it isn't Dave Smith.


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