Ken thinks Janet wants a divorce but she tells him she doesn't. Janet phones Vince Denton and begs him to take her back but he refuses. Emily tackles Thelma James about the valentine and accuses her of throwing herself at Ernie. Thelma accuses her of not understanding Ernie. Emily warns her off. Eddie takes a champion darts player, Baz Wilson, under his wing. Len realises the darts player is a hustler and warns him off. He disappears with the money Eddie has won betting on him. Janet tells Ken she's left Vince, she tells Ken she's changed and asks him to give her another chance. He refuses; he doesn't want her back. He tells her she's no longer his problem but does agree to her spending the night at No.1; he'll sleep on the sofa. Elsie agrees to let Suzie stay for the night. She realises she's been conned. A desperate Janet takes an overdose in the night.


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