Betty offers Bet her back bedroom. Anne Woodley tells Bet she knows she's Mike's girlfriend; her perfume and hairs are all over the house. Renee agrees to let Bet stay at the shop flat. She is horrified when Anne tells her she is not married to Mike; she's his mistress, the children are hers. The Gazette reports on Janet's death. Anne tells Mike she'll forgive him if he dumps Bet. Bet calls Mike a stinking rat. He tells her he told her he was married to stop her getting ideas. Mike tells Bet he didn't mean to hurt her. She slaps his face. He tells her he's going to London and wants her out of No.5.


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Bet Lynch (to Mike Baldwin): "I hoped. What else do you think keeps people like me going? We hope... we hope that one day we'll meet somebody who won't lie or cheat and pretend that they care when all they really want's a willing tart. I've been kicked in the teeth often enough... that doesn't come as a surprise. But it doesn't stop it hurting."

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