Rita doesn't know whether to marry Len or go to Tenerife. Mavis tells Elsie about the proposal. Renee discovers the shop freezer stock, worth £100 is ruined. Elsie tells Len he's stupid to marry again and also tells him Rita is bound to accept. He convinces her he needs Rita. Renee makes Bet feel better by telling her she's insured. Mr. Nesbit, the insurance man tells her she's not insured as it was an act of carelessness. Len refuses to give Mavis the job of manageress at The Kabin. She is upset and resigns. Eddie sells off Renee's defrosted food. Bet offers to work in the shop when she can to repay the damage. Len gives Rita the engagement ring he gave her in 1974. She refuses to take it and tells him she can't marry him; he's three years too late. Vince Denton looks for Ken.


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