Mavis enjoys being in charge of The Kabin. Elsie decides there's too many people in her house and tells Suzie to leave. Mavis thinks that Rita letting the plane go to marry Len is true romance. Rita tells her she's thrilled. Deirdre returns to work part-time with Tracy in the Yard. Suzie falls for a stray dog and names it Albert. Bet is upset at the news of Len and Rita's engagement but puts a brave face on. Len breaks the news of his engagement to Elsie. She wishes him luck. Rita is shocked when Len tells her he wants to marry in three weeks. Elsie refuses to let the dog stay at No.11. Mavis is upset that Rita wants to be manageress again. Rita's agent, Benny Stone telephones and says he's going to take her to court for not going to Tenerife.


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