Renee takes to her bed with flu. Bet looks after the shop. Ray is furious that the vicar has turned them away and is determined to have Tracy christened. When Bet has to work at the Rovers, Alf looks after the shop. Ena advises Deirdre to go to St. Mary's and see if they'll baptise Tracy. Blanche arrives to sort out the sale of her house. She tells Deirdre that she and Steve Bassett have had second thoughts. Mike hears Albert talking about the "Western Front" and decides it's the ideal name for the shop. Albert refuses the denim suit prize and asks for money instead. Mike refuses. The Reverend Smedley who married Len and Rita agrees to baptise Tracy. Emily, Betty and Ken agree to be godparents. The doctor tells Renee to stay in bed for a few days. Alf feels lumbered at the shop.


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