David writes a four-page letter explaining why he can't come to the wedding. Ken understands but Frank is disappointed and refuses to let Ken pass on his regards when he replies. Concepta wants to buy a washing machine on Hire Purchase. Harry says they can't afford it. Annie returns, full of talk of Arthur Forsythe-Jones. Jack doesn't think that supervisors of a departments in Whitehall take their holidays in Babbacombe. Albert agrees to give Val away in his brother's place. He goes into town to hire a suit but isn't sure what he's supposed to wear. Gamma Garments launches a line of ties hand-painted with images of scantily-clad women. Concepta tells Annie she's already ordered a washing machine. Ken hires the cars for the wedding and asks a friend from university to be best man. Ena recognises Jerry as Nellie Booth's lad and asks him into the snug to assess his suitability to work in the vestry. Esther helps Val buy her wedding dress. Concepta decides not to go to the wedding as she feels self-conscious about her baby bump. The ties don't sell as the customers find them suggestive. Ena alerts Harry when a washing machine is delivered to No.7. He's no sooner accepted that Concepta needs it that she tells him it won't fit into the scullery. Ken expects Albert to wear a business suit to the wedding but he turns up in morning wear, complete with top hat.


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