Annie is horrified as the drinkers leave because of the lack of beer in the Rovers. She is forced to ration the remaining beer. Renee has to go to Lancaster to look after her mother and she asks Betty to look after the shop. Annie is forced to buy all Renee's beer to sell at the Rovers, before discovering the strike is off. Stan and Eddie sell their beer until the Brewery can deliver. Ted Brownlow wants a date with Elsie but she puts him off. Hilda hears that brewing beer is illegal and pulls the plug out of the bath. She is horrified to discover it isn't illegal after all. Elsie is upset to receive a letter from Alan Howard telling her that they could never get back together and he wants a divorce.


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  • Alan Howard (Alan Browning) is credited but does not appear in this episode. Instead, the actor is used to deliver voice-over material, which is heard as Elsie reads a letter from her estranged husband.
  • TV Times synopsis: It sounds as if Elsie Howard is contemplating a reunion with Alan - and then a letter turns up…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,050,000 homes (13th place).
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