Hilda searches No.13 for the tandem money. Ethel Platt accuses Mavis of making Auntie Edie worse by carrying on with Derek. Ken and Albert prepare for a visit from Peter Barlow. Edie begs Mavis not to leave her on her own but Mavis worries about losing her job. Deirdre pushes Ray into tackling Len for a 50% partnership at the Builder's Yard. Len refuses. Rita makes Mavis work until 7.00pm to make up for all the hassle she's caused. Hilda takes possession of her new clothes. Eddie produces the tandem's bell as proof of its fate. Deirdre accuses Ray of being scared of Len. Len feels that the Langtons have got a case but Rita refuses to let them have more money. Len tells her it's nothing to do with her; it's Yard business. Mavis returns home to find Edie dead.


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