Renee returns to the shop. When Mike has a flat tyre, Steve Fisher, a customer in the Western Front, changes it for him. An impressed Mike offers him a job. Ken and Peter leave on a walking outing in the Peak District. Eddie tries to get Annie interested in a new carpet but she tells him she doesn't trust him. Steve lies to Mike and says he has no qualifications. Mike gets the truth from him that he has too many qualifications to land a job. Mike takes him on as a driver. Eddie tells Annie the carpet will be monogrammed in gold. Ken falls down a ravine and crushes his leg. Peter runs off into the night to get help.


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  • First appearance of Steve Fisher.
  • An acknowledgement before the start of the credits reads: "We thank the Royal Air Force Service and the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team for their help in the production of this programme".
  • TV Times synopsis: Ken Barlow and son Peter go on a moors expedition - but it ends with an accident. Meanwhile, back in the Street, Mike Baldwin hires a new driver with unusual qualifications…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,525,000 viewers (Chart placing unknown. This Bank Holiday episode failed to make the top twenty).
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