Ruby Green of Inkerman Street demands her washing back from Stan and she tells Hilda he took it in for £1 to wash. A furious Hilda tells Stan that she's not the one doing the washing. Rita agrees to sing at the Gatsby Club again. She is annoyed when Len says he'll go with her and take Elsie. Hilda washes and irons Ruby's clothes but she is amazed at her own weakness. She has to go to work at the factory and doesn't have time to tell Stan it's done. He puts it all in the machine again. Len and Elsie decide not to go to the Gatsby and get drunk together at No.9. Rita is furious. Hilda is furious to discover Stan and Eddie have washed and ironed Ruby's clothes after she spent three hours on them. She throws the clothes around the room in her fury, dirtying them again.


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Rita Fairclough (about Elsie Howard): "She treats you as if you were her personal property. And you're daft enough to let her. Bloody woman."

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