Episode 1771
Episode 1771
Production code P694/771
ITV transmission date 4th January 1978 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Script editor Leslie Duxbury
Writer Brian Finch
Designer Eric Deakins
Director George Spenton-Foster
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 2nd January 1978
Next episode 9th January 1978


Hilda is the first in the queue at Perkins sale. Fred sports a black eye. Annie tells him that if it happens again he'll have to leave the Rovers. Ernie feels in a bit of a rut as a wages clerk. Alf arranges a date with Renee. Hilda is too busy being interviewed by a local radio reporter, Ted Thomas, to notice the store doors opening. She misses the TV. Two thugs, Tommo and Dave, follow Mike and Ernie when they go to the bank. Alf has to call off his date with Renee because of work. He's got to go on a course in London for a couple of weeks. He assures her they'll go out when he returns. Fred and Rita each pay Ray £5 towards a new table. Rita blames Elsie for stirring trouble between Fred and Len and they row in the Rovers. Fred takes Rita's side causing Len to stand by Elsie. Annie has to stop them all from fighting. Tommo and Dave have a sawn-off shot gun with them.


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