Emily makes an effort to cope with Ernie's funeral. She is surprised by the amount of wreaths that arrive. Annie has a cold so she has to miss Ernie's funeral. As a mark of respect she doesn't open the Rovers until after the funeral. Norah Seddon, Ken, Bet, Betty, Mike, Ivy, Mavis, Ray, Elsie and Suzie help Emily bury Ernie. Suzie can't stop crying. Ernie's friend Rev Hope from the Mawdsley Street Chapel Mission conducts the service. Emily shows no emotion at the graveside. Ernie is buried in the family plot. Albert's foot keeps playing him up. Ivy breaks down at the funeral. Mike pays for the funeral and offers Emily any financial help. Bet is depressed after the funeral and tries to get the residents to get back to normal as soon as possible. Norah takes Emily home with her.


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Emily Bishop: "Killed. That's the word Ken. That's what's happened to Ernest. He's been killed. And now he's been buried. And he's lying in that silly box in that cold hole and I want him back, I want him back."

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