George Livesey hits something in the car, knocking Bet against the windscreen. Bet realises she could have gone through it. Renee shows Bet in the paper that a man was knocked down at Parrswood at the time they had their bump. A witness saw the car drive away. George admits to Bet the bump was a person. She tells him she's going to the police but he tells her he shouldn't have driven; he lost his licence six months ago. She agrees to tell Mike about it. Mike agrees with Bet that they should go to the police but George threatens not to give him the order. Albert is shocked to discover Sally Robson is divorced. In his mind it blackens her. He warns Ken that she's looking for a husband. Mike makes George contact the police. When George tells him he hasn't got the order Mike wins it by threatening to tell his wife he was with Bet. Ken and Sally assure each other they don't want a serious relationship. Emily phones to say she's returning from her sister's.


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