Elsie is woken up in the night by noises in the loft. She fears it's a rat. She and the girls make so much noise they wake the Ogdens. Renee's mother is taken ill so she goes to Lancaster to look after her. Mavis looks after the shop for her. Eddie investigates the noises in Elsie's loft. He finds pigeons nesting in the loft. Emily returns home. She feels very much alone. Len tells Elsie there's slates missing in the Ogdens' roof and as there's no dividing wall the pigeons are coming into her part. Hilda is astounded to hear she's got a slate missing. She tells Elsie she won't repair the roof as the pigeons aren't bothering her. Mavis arrives at Emily's with her case and tells Emily she's moving in to look after her. Suzie tries to block the hole in the roof with newspaper, she slips and her foot goes through the Ogdens' ceiling.


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