Hilda plans to go to court to see Ernie's murderers' trial. Mike is adamant that Suzie is to be sacked. Steve gives Suzie a week's notice. She can't believe it. Mrs Lester calls on Mike and tells him her son Dave Lester is one of the lads charged with Ernie's murder. She asks him to tell the court it was an accident. Suzie offers to pay the £20. She thinks her good record as an employee entitles her to a second chance. Mike decides to take her back but Steve is adamant she must stay sacked. Alf plans to sell his house and move into the shop. Bet fears they'll want her out of the way. Steve tells Suzie he's reconsidered and she can have her job back. Alf tells Renee they could turn Bet's bedsit into a living room. Emily is determined to go to the murder trial.


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