Deirdre feels guilty over having bought the plate off Betty. Ray refuses to tell Betty it's worth anything. Eddie threatens to tell Betty about the plate's value unless Ray pays him commission but Ray refuses. Ernie's murderers get life. Mrs Lester accuses Emily and Mike of ruining her son's life. Deirdre tells Eddie he can have £10 if he sells the plate for £100. Eddie tells Betty about the true value of the plate. Deirdre gives her £45. Ray calls Deirdre a fool for giving the money to Betty. He refuses to accept any money from her. The women throw a hen party for Renee. The lads get Alf drunk as well as themselves and are returning home drunk when they are asked to move on by WPC Rogers. An annoyed Len knocks at his house and asks Rita to tell the WPC he's a Councillor but she is disgusted at his state and denies knowing him. The WPC arrests him for creating a nuisance.


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