Ken holds an Easter Bonnet parade on the Red Rec. He gets Mike to judge the contest. Suzie borrows a hat from Annie to wear in the Bonnet contest. Albert and the rest of the British Legion Domino Committee take over the snug for their meetings. Elsie phones Alan Howard asking to stall the divorce. He tells her he's going to marry Elaine Dennett. Ena returns from Hartlepool to find Albert and his pals in the snug. Albert demands she leaves the snug but she refuses. Elsie tries to drum up support for a girl's night out. When no one is interested she goes on her own. Elsie is picked up by Bernard Lane at a bar. The Lomaxes wanted Ena to stay with them permanently but she wanted to return home. Suzie marks Annie's hat with a bunch of grapes. Annie tells her she'll never lend her anything again. The paper reports that Len has to go to court. Elsie is horrified when Bernard thinks she's a prostitute and asks her if she'll go to a hotel with him. She is thrown out of the bar when she creates a fuss.


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  • First appearance of Ena Sharples since 10th August 1977.
  • TV Times synopsis: Elsie Howard goes out alone "on the town" to drown out her sorrows - and gets more than she bargained for.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,800,000 viewers (13th place). This somewhat low figure in comparison to surrounding episodes is explained by this edition being transmitted on Easter Monday - a public holiday.

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Ena Sharples: "Round 'ere's home to me - I missed it."
Deirdre Langton: "I don't think I would!"
Ena Sharples: "You'd be surprised how you feel, even a young 'un like you. But when you've lived round 'ere as long as I have... I don't know... I missed the folk. I even missed that silly old fool Albert Tatlock and 'e's not changed!"

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