Episode 1797
Episode 1797
Production code P694/797
ITV transmission date 5th April 1978 (Wednesday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Script editor Leslie Duxbury
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Roy Graham
Director Colin Richards
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 3rd April 1978
Next episode 10th April 1978


Mike tells Steve he has to interview the machinists for the supervisor's job. Len tells the Council he intends to stand in the next elections. Vera is puzzled at her interview as Steve and Mike ask her what she believes is a trick question. Ivy surprises Mike at the interview by establishing the money and terms straight away - an extra £15 a week. She tells him she'd do the job her own way and would side with the girls if she felt they were right. Alf tries to stand up for Len but the Independents agree to tell the Ratepayers that they will back whomever they put up for Council, knowing it won't be Len. Mike tells Steve he's making him supervisor. Steve feels he can't produce the production schedules and suggests they give Ivy an extra £5 a week, call her senior machinist and get her to do the schedules. Mike agrees; Ivy is pleased; Ida thinks she shouldn't take the position. Len blames Rita for his being thrown off the Council. He walks out, leaving her alone and crying.


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