Alf is furious to find Cliff Mottram, a boyfriend of Bet's in the bathroom. He feels it's the last straw. Mavis refuses to see Derek. For the first time in their relationship she takes control and tells him not to bother her. Renee is too loyal to evict Bet. Len refuses to attend any Council meetings although he is still a Councillor until the elections. Derek makes Rita see that it is important that he sees Mavis. Bet is annoyed when Alf refuses to let Cliff wait for her in her room. Cliff tells her he wants to spend another night with her. Rita manages to get Mavis to see Derek but she still refuses to speak to him. Renee tells Bet that someone else has been subsidising her rent for the last year.


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Bet Lynch (about Derek Wilton and Mavis Riley): "Them two'll still be ditherin' when they're drawin' their old age pension."

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