Alf tries to matchmake between Bet and Fred to get rid of her. Rita wants to borrow the money from old friend Eric Summers but Len refuses to entertain the idea of getting money from one of Rita's old "fancy men". Fred proposes to Bet. She tells him she'd have to love whoever she marries and turns him down. The loan officer at the bank says he'll have to refer the matter of a further loan to his boss, which Len is certain will result in a refusal. Rita arranges for Eric to come the house without telling Len. Len agrees to see him to get Rita off his back. Eric offers Len £3,000 at almost 30% interest, twice the rate as would a bank. Len tells him that he'd rather go bust than borrow money off of a loan-shark. Eric casually insults Len several times as he leaves. The bank agrees to lend Len £3,000, putting him £6,000 in debt. Fred goes wife-hunting.


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