Bet looks for a new flat. Renee feels bad about it. Joe leaves Daisy Hibbert so Renee goes to visit her in Lancaster. Eddie and Emily collect £40 for Ena's new bed. She is touched but refuses to accept their charity. Albert suggests the residents replace Ena's bed with a new one so she can't object. Bet finds a flat in Gas Street but needs a cooker. Alf says she can have his old one. Elsie lands a supervisor's job in Salford. She doesn't know if she wants it or not; she wants to reassess her life. Eddie breaks into Ena's flat and leaves the money. She returns it. Emily gets Eddie to steal Ena's bed so she has to accept the money. Renee is upset as Joe has taken all Daisy's money. She feels that she'll have to let her have the flat. Alf is horrified at the thought.


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Albert Tatlock (about Ena Sharples): "'Er mother was just the same yer know. I've seen softer ironin' boards than that woman's face. A right pig-headed lot them Schofields."

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