Neither Renee nor Alf want Daisy Hibbert to live with them. Elsie decides to take the job at Spencer's sewing room. Emily is embarrassed as she, Ray and Eddie break into Ena's flat. They take Ena's old bed and replace it with a new one. Elsie tells Mike she might work for him or Spencer's. Alf and Renee decide to let Bet stay at the flat so Daisy can't move in. Elsie tells Mike she'll return to the factory but wants a £5 rise. He refuses the rise but is glad she's returning. Renee tells Bet she can stay. Bet doesn't let on she knows Daisy wants the room. Ena is thrilled with the bed but tells everyone she's contacted the police; her life savings were in the mattress. When the residents begin to panic she tells them she's only joking. Ray tells Len the hotel developers have gone bust. They've lost the £3,000 plus the profit.


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