Ena continues to drink at the Flying Horse. The residents feel that Len ought to fetch her back to the Rovers but he thinks it'd antagonise her. Jerry is upset by the way Doreen and Sheila treat him as a big joke and asks Len not to send him to the shop flat anymore. Len instructs him on how to stand up for himself with the girls. Annie continues her correspondence with Mr. Forsythe-Jones. Annie asks Minnie to convey her apologies to Ena and tell her she's welcome back anytime, refusing to do so herself because of "personal reasons". Jerry writes a speech and rehearses it in front of a wall. Lucille comes in and thinks he's in a play. Jerry is pleased when the performance scares her. Ken tells Florrie that his new book is based on real life. Elsie and Dot win on the horses. Doreen starts on Jerry when he arrives at the flat and is struck dumb when he tells her to shut it and lays into her. Martha is afraid to face Ena and lets Minnie go to the Flying Horse without her. Doreen thinks Jerry is masterful and manly. Sheila is bemused by her change in attitude. Dot warns Elsie that Dave Smith is going to deliver her winnings in person and asks her to be careful around him. Ena doesn't think much of Annie's apology as she didn't make it in person. She hates the Flying Horse but to save face she tells Minnie she's feeling settled there. Len and Harry are forced to collect her.


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