Elsie receives tickets for the Miami Modes annual dinner and dance. Some of the factory girls are ill and Albert blames Annie's pies. Janice Stubbs tells Ray she thought he was joking about a date. They arrange another date. Annie discovers everyone is talking about her pies being off. Deirdre plans a night out with Ray but he says he's got overtime. Annie tells Joe Dawson that the pies she ordered from him are bad. Ray takes Janice to a pub, he tells her he fancies her and they enjoy each other's company. Eddie buys all the untouched pies off Annie at half price. Dawson gets to Annie first and buys them at full price. She tells him she doesn't want his pies again. Janice refuses to let Ray come into her flat but agrees to another date. Elsie invites Ron Mather to the dance. Ray feels guilty about two-timing Deirdre.


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