Doreen and Sheila pull sickies to go shopping. Annie feels Jack should warn Len about his violent behaviour but Jack thinks Dave had it coming. Ena picks expensive wallpaper for the vestry. Elsie is enjoying herself with Dave and agrees to go out with him again. When she mentions that she has a couple of weeks' holiday coming up, Dave asks her to come away with him. Doreen and Sheila hear them making plans from the changing room. Annie tries to enlist Harry's help with Len but he refuses to get involved. Dot pleads with Elsie not to go with Dave. Elsie likes the idea of having Dave spoil her. Ken tells Frank he wants to give up teaching to concentrate on his writing. The girls gossip about Elsie and Dave in the Corner Shop. Frank doesn't approve of Ken's plan to sponge off Val until he gets published. Ken feels he must try and realise his potential. Councillor Woodstock dies and the by-elections for the St. Mary's Ward in the Weatherfield County Borough Council elections are brought forward. Ken chickens out of telling Val his idea when she suggests saving up for a shed for him to write in. The committee says Ena must have cheaper wallpaper but Swindley caves in when she threatens not to vote for him unless she has the one she picked out. Dot tells Len that Elsie is considering going away with Dave. Len receives a summons for assault.


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