Mike puts the Western Front on the market. Suzie and Gail decide they want compensation. They realise Mike sacked them to avoid redundancy payments but agree not to tell anyone if he gives compensation. Eddie helps Mavis out with the OAP supper when she cuts her hand. He leaves the pan on too long and the meal is burnt. Mavis decides she can prepare spaghetti in time. Elsie tells Ron it's up to her who she does or doesn't see. Eddie and Mavis beg ingredients from the residents to make the supper. Harry Payne gives Elsie flowers and asks her out again. Ron accuses Elsie of fancying Harry. The OAPs struggle with the spaghetti but they really enjoy it - they give Mavis three cheers. Mike and the girls settle on £100 each. Elsie tells Ron she likes him but she doesn't want him running her life.


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