Deirdre does some of the Yard work at home. Albert warns Ken that Karen Barnes fancies him. Ivy suggests the police are informed about Eileen Tibson's disappearance - the girls agree. Elsie talks them out of it as her kids will be affected. Hilda refuses to listen, planning to go to the police herself. Eileen turns up at the factory having spent all but £60 of the money. Ivy is shocked at her depressed state, Eileen tells her she's on valium. Mike tells Ivy it's up to her what happens to Eileen. Eileen offers to pay the money back weekly but Mike refuses. He replaces the missing money himself. He takes the money out of the bonuses without the girls' knowledge. Ray writes to Deirdre saying he needs money. He tells her either to join him or sell the house. She decides to sell the house. Ken reads a letter to Karen from Dave. In it Dave tells her that if Ken changes her, he'll "sort him out".


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