Suzie returns, having a lift from a jag driver with tales of the good life in London. Deirdre puts No.5 on the market. In Annie's absence Fred wants to watch a race at the bookies. Betty refuses to let him. Deirdre is forced to take from Tracy's money box in order to live. Rita is embarrassed to see Deirdre searching for money and offers her help but Deirdre refuses. Fred puts Annie's TV on the bar so he can watch the race. He is embarrassed when Alec Young, a mate who thinks he owns the Rovers, comes for a drink with a pal of his Frank Bebbington. They persuade Fred to take bets over the bar on the race. He phones the betting office but the line is engaged, he pockets the bet money and tells everyone the bets are on. Mike 's horse wins 20-1. Fred realises he has to find £40 to give him.


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