Len and Eddie have a roofing job at the house of Mrs Watson on Garibaldi Street. Suzie tells Paul Stringer she's had enough of his scene - she's tired of late nights and doesn't like the tarty way she's been acting. Vera tries to mend the rift in Brian and Gail's relationship. She is thrilled when they make-up. Brian apologises to Gail. Eddie pulls a few slates loose from the roof next to the one he's working on. The lady of the house, Mrs Simms, agrees to him replacing the slates. He notices another house has loose slates and plans to put them straight as well. Ivy shows off her new cocktail cabinet. Vera and Ida christen the house. Ron is annoyed when Elsie refuses to believe he'll give up the taxis.


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Suzie Birchall: "Look at me, me 'ole life's a flamin' mess. I can't meet a decent fella, I can't get a decent job. Oh Elsie, what 'ave I got to look forward to?"
Elsie Tanner: "What 'ave ye got to look forward to? Only yer 'ole flamin' life to look forward to. I'll tell you summat else as well, you've got to take a few hard knocks in this world before you appreciate the things that are worthwhile. I know what I'm talkin' about love. And I'll tell you summat else an' all, yer gettin' all the hard knocks done and over with while you're young. I wish to 'eck I 'ad."

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