Deirdre is too aware of Mike's reputation to just go out with him. Deirdre is surprised to see Sally Norton again. She tells Deirdre she had to give her daughter up for adoption and she takes Tracy to the park. Ena says she saw a mouse at Dawson's Cafe but Emily doesn't believe her. Emily tells Deirdre that Sally is a psychiatric patient at the hospital. Alf tells Renee he's got a lot of savings and wants to retire from the GPO to work at the shop all day. Renee's not sure what she thinks about the idea. Deirdre is anxious as Sally is late bringing Tracy home. Hilda sees the mouse, as does Gail. Hilda spreads the news that Dawson's has mice. Eddie offers his services as mouse catcher to Emily and lays a mouse trap in the cafe. Gail gets Brian to spring the trap as she can't stand the idea of the mouse being hurt. Deirdre agrees to Sally taking Tracy out again but tells Emily she doesn't want her to.


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