Renee isn't happy with the idea of Alf working with her full-time but she doesn't know how to tell him. Gail confesses to springing the trap in Dawson's Cafe to let the mouse go free - Emily is glad. They worry as the news of the mouse keeps customers away. Deirdre is touched as Sally Norton buys Tracy a doll. Deirdre makes excuses to stop Sally taking Tracy out. When Hilda goes on about Dawson's mouse Ena reminds her that she had to have No.13 fumigated. Alf can't wait to give the GPO up. Renee tells him she doesn't want him working with her; they'd get on each other's nerves. She accuses him of marrying her for the shop. Eddie provides a cat to catch the mouse for £3 a night. Emily and Gail don't like the idea of bloodsports and refuse the cat. Eddie baits the trap again. Alf is upset that Renee doesn't want him. The mouse is killed in the trap. Deirdre leaves Tracy outside the Rovers whilst she calls on Annie. They are disturbed by a terrible crashing sound. Deirdre races outside to find a lorry has spilt its load of timber into the front of the Rovers, crashing into the front of the pub itself. Hysterically, she claws at the timber shouting Tracy's name over and over again, believing she is trapped, possibly dead.


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