Whilst Deirdre tries to free Tracy, the police are called for. Inside the pub, Alf lies unconscious on the floor and Mike's leg is trapped under the timber. Ken helps Deirdre from the Rovers - she has to crawl over the timber. Emily takes her in. Renee is shocked to see Alf unconscious but he is still breathing. Bet takes care of Mike. Ena and Emily take charge of Deirdre and try to calm her. Alf, Len and Mike are taken to hospital. The driver of the lorry is found dead and Deirdre is convinced Tracy is dead too. Annie is in shock and has to be cared for by Betty. Bet breaks down at the thought of Tracy under the timber. A piece of glass cuts Betty's arm. Ena says a special prayer for the safe return of Tracy. A fireman finds Tracy's doll but Tracy herself is not to be found under the timber. Deirdre runs away from the house before anyone can tell her this.


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