Renee refuses to close the Corner Shop as it's the only thing that's keeping her going. Betty looks after the shop for her whilst she goes to the hospital. Len has a whip-round for Alf. Steve finds Vera coming into work when someone has already clocked her in. Vera is sure he won't do anything about it. Betty asks Suzie to help out at the shop but she thinks it's beneath her. When nothing else crops up she offers her services but Renee doesn't want her. Gail and Brian have been going out with each other for three months and four days, Gail has never been out with anyone for so long. She drops heavy hints about the future. Vera is furious when Steve gives her a ticking off in her time and he docks her pay. Vera tells him he's not her boss. He refuses to back down. Ivy asks the girls to give Steve a chance. Renee is relieved when Len says Mavis can run the shop for her until Alf is better. Vera is outraged that Ivy let her be victimised and feels she's betraying their friendship. Renee talks to Alf about a holiday in the Dales they had. Alf opens his eyelids. Renee is ecstatic but the doctor doesn't know how well he'll recover.


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