Ivy feels Brian is too young to settle down. Eddie plans to keep chickens on Albert's allotment. He agrees to pay Albert in eggs. Derek calls in the Corner Shop and is surprised to find Mavis working there instead of The Kabin. He tells her he's left office furniture and is now working for Sandicroft's Confectionery. He asks her to order some chocolates for the shop. Gail wants Brian to go on holiday with her. Ivy discovers she's C of E and tells her they're Catholics. Len can't get to an important job as Eddie has taken the van. Mavis gets Renee to give Derek an order. He forces her to take a gross of Easter bunnies. Eddie takes possession of six hens. He talks Stan into storing them in the backyard in Hilda's absence. The Council refuse to let Albert have chickens on the allotment. Gail feels Ivy doesn't like her. Derek assures Mavis he never sees Beryl Challis. He's in for a chance of the salesman of the month prize. Mavis orders some more chocolates for The Kabin to boost the order. Eddie is stuck with the hens as Albert can't have them.


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