Ivy tells Brian that Gail isn't right for him. Eddie makes a coop for the hens in the backyard of No.13. Rita tells Derek she doesn't want the chocolates Mavis ordered. She feels they won't sell. He tells her he'll lose the prize of a weekend for two in Paris. She feels blackmailed and agrees to keep the chocolates. Ivy is annoyed that Brian is missing night school to be with Gail. Bert tells her not to interfere in the relationship. Gail tells Brian she thinks they should finish because of all the trouble they're causing. Brian thinks Ivy will get over it. He suggests they get engaged and she happily agrees. Stan tells Eddie to get the hens moved, fearing Hilda's reaction. Derek wins the third salesman prize - a canteen of cutlery. Mavis expects him to give it to her for her help but he's giving it to his mother. Brian and Gail tell Ivy they're engaged.


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