Gail isn't looking forward to her 21st as she feels she can't celebrate the engagement. Hilda treats the hens like pets but Stan feels they're taking over the house. Suzie feels sorry for Gail who wants approval from her mum. Mavis cooks Boeuf Bourguignon for Derek. Gail is thrilled when Brian suggests they throw an engagement party on her birthday - it doesn't matter what Ivy thinks. Bert is pleased that Brian is standing up to Ivy and offers to pay for the party. Brian buys Gail a ring. She keeps it on a chain round her neck until the party. Mavis is disappointed when Derek leaves early after the meal. He tells her he feels guilty about not giving the cutlery to his mother. She is outraged when he takes it back. Ivy refuses to attend the party; she'd feel like a hypocrite. Suzie tells Gail her mum is coming over for her birthday. Gail thinks it's a terrible idea and she'll ruin everything.


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