The Ogdens are delighted when the hens lay six eggs. Rita is annoyed that she's left with a load of Derek's Easter novelties. She offers Ken three boxes at 12p each novelty. Ken makes Hilda see that the hens are costing a lot to feed - more than the eggs would cost. Alf ventures into the Rovers. He looks forward to going back to work. Fred buys a wig. Annie and Betty can't believe it, they decide not to mention it as he'll be self-conscious about it. Ken decides to buy the novelties from Renee at 10p each. The residents are amazed at Fred's wig and manage to restrain their comments until Albert tells him he looks daft. Fred gets annoyed when everyone laughs at him. Hilda decides the hens aren't laying enough to earn their keep; they'll have to go. In the Corner Shop, Annie criticises Renee's soup selection causing Alf to rush from the back and shout at her, telling her she's nothing without her airs and graces. Annie and Renee are shocked at his out-of-character outburst.


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