Alf refuses to talk about his "bit of temper" and apologises to Renee. The hens only lay one egg. Eddie plans to give them a helping hand again. Renee grows suspicious of Eddie buying eggs and watches as he plants them in the coop. Steve encourages Mavis to take up jogging. They plan an early morning jog. Ken considers starting a keep-fit class at the Community Centre. Renee tells Betty that she's frightened by Alf's personality change. Ena tells Albert that old friend Lilly Ashwell was asking after him - they both then reminisce in the Snug about other old friends from their youth. Betty advises Renee to get Alf to see a doctor. Ken drums up support for a jogging class. When Eddie insults Suzie over the size of her bottom she is furious. Elsie tells her about Eddie keeping the hens stocked with shop bought eggs. She decides to get her own back by planting hard boiled eggs in the coop.


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