Episode 1913
Episode 1913
Production code P694/913
ITV transmission date 21st May 1979 (Monday)
Stories by Esther Rose
Peter Tonkinson
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Alan Bromly
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 16th May 1979
Next episode 23rd May 1979


Deirdre doesn't give the ring to Brian, waiting for Gail to cool off. Brian tries to talk to Gail but she refuses to see him. Deirdre tells Ken she enjoyed their evening together. Gail is relieved that Deirdre still has the ring and takes it back. Annie prepares to cook woodpigeon for some Licenced Victualler friends. Brian refuses to see that he did anything wrong in dancing with Suzie. When he tells Gail that Suzie is a great mover she gives him the ring back. Annie is annoyed that the butcher forgets to order her pigeons. She orders Fred to go into town to get her two brace. He is aghast. Gail turns on Suzie, feeling she is no longer her friend. Deirdre realises that Ken really does like her and agrees to let him take her out. Bert tells Brian to get after Gail and demand they get back together. Elsie tries to bring Gail and Suzie together. Brian calls for Gail but Elsie lies and tells him she's gone to the pictures. He thinks she has gone with someone. Fred parks the Rover wrongly in a street. He returns from the shops to see the car being towed away.


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